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Ambu BlueSensor Electrodes
Ambu BlueSensor Electrodes
Ambu BlueSensor is a high quality wet gel electrode ideal for 12-lead monitoring.
PadPro Multifunction Defib Pads
PadPro Multifunction Defib Pads
PadPro® Adult and Pediatric Multifunction Electrodes for Defibrillation, Pacing, Cardioversion, Monitoring.
Medstorm Multi-Function Defibrillator Pads
Medstorm Multi-Function Defibrillator Pads
Our radiotransparent and radiotranslucent "one-pad system" enables Medstorm® defib pads to remain with the patient as they move through various care environments.



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Check out the new Myocardial Infarction CEU to learn about the typical and atypical findings in a patient with acute myocardial infarction. Once the patient has received proper evaluation, you will learn how to treat them as well.
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Product Video

ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device Overview

This video gives an overview of the usage and features of the ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device. You will learn about the technology, components, as well as the appropriate scenarios when to use the device.

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