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Precision Xtra Test Strips
Precision Xtra Test Strips
The Precision Xtra blood glucose test strips, designed with TrueMeasure Technology have a small 0.6 microliter sample size and simple blood application.
Precision Xtra Glucometer
Precision Xtra Glucometer
The Precision Xtra Glucometer requires a small blood sample and five-second test time for capillary blood.
LEVEL Life Glucose Gel
LEVEL Life Glucose Gel
For People With Diabetes, LEVEL Life Glucose Gel works quickly to raise your blood sugar.

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Precision Xtra Glucometer

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UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers

UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers help address major supply room challenges. The inventory management system allows EMS management to track inventory and dispense products according to access protocol.

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