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Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses
Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses
The Nemesis Polarized Safety Eyewear reduces reflective glare, eyestrain and fatigue while improving depth perception and contrast.
CME BodyGuard 121 Twins Dual Channel Infusion Pump
CME BodyGuard 121 Twins Dual Channel Infusion Pump
Safely manage two regimens with this lightweight and compact design while reducing medication errors in EMS transport.
The O2-MAX is a disposable CPAP system for use in a wide range of respiratory distress conditions. It is available as a variable or fixed system.

Bound Tree University is dedicated to the education and interests of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.

The website is an interactive research and training tool that examines current issues within the emergency medical services industry. It features a Product Lab, EMS News, Events and a Classroom with accredited continuing education.

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Check out the STEMI Care CEU to learn about how to assess objective data in cardiac emergency such as vital signs, ECG findings and evaluating the complaint.
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Monitor and Defibrillator Product Comparison

New products and supplies are continuously being developed to ensure we can do a better job of cardiac monitoring. See an overview of the most common cardiac monitors and defibrillators in the field – the Philips MRx, the Physio Control Lifepak 12 and the Zoll M Series. A simulation of a Megacode in synchronized cardioversion to defibrillation to transcutaneous pacing is also reviewed in this video.

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