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SimPad is a wireless system that provides realistic and remote access to Laerdal manikins and real-life scenarios.
ShockLink System
ShockLink System
ShockLink™ is a defibrillation training tool by Laerdal that enhances the realism in the learning environment and that can easily integrate in a solid and efficient CPR-D training program.
CPRmeter™ has two embedded sensors: one measuring acceleration and another measuring force.

Bound Tree University is dedicated to the education and interests of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics.

The website is an interactive research and training tool that examines current issues within the emergency medical services industry. It features a Product Lab, EMS News, Events and a Classroom with accredited continuing education.

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Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)

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Check out the Triage CEU to learn the benefits of practicing the START triage system. This course also reviews how to approach an MCI situation with an organized algorithm.
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Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) News

Rescue Task Force Vest Kit with Side Armor

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HALO Vent Instructional Video

The HALO Vent was specifically developed for casualties with excessive bleeding, heavy perspiration, or very wet and extreme environments. Learn how the HALO Vent works as well as how to apply it.

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