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Opioid Overdose Kit
Opioid Overdose Kit
Opioid Overdose Kits are ideal solutions for first responders in any profession, including EMTs, paramedics, social workers, police officers and community outreach workers.
ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device
ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device
The ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor is a compact CPR device that delivers consistent chest compressions. In less than 10 seconds it is secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint which wraps around the patient.
Microflex LifeStar Gloves
Microflex LifeStar Gloves
Double Dipped, Dual Color helps identify if glove has been compromised. The bright blue interior makes breaches more detectable and white exterior makes fluid and blood contact with glove more visible.


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Diabetes can be a complicated situation if you are unprepared. During the Diabetic Emergencies CEU, you will be briefed on the many possible causes of alterations in blood sugar and be made aware of the risks diabetics have for other disease processes. Armed with that knowledge, you should be able to better evaluate and treat patients with glucose abnormalities.
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UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers

UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers help address major supply room challenges. Learn how this inventory management system allows EMS management to track inventory and dispense products according to access protocol.

UCapIt - Product Testimonial - Jackson Township

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