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August 26, 2011

EMS crews on standby as Irene approaches

FOX Carolina

ANDERSON, S.C. — Don McCown is a laid back guy, but he takes his job seriously.

"It's a lot of self gratification you know going into an area that looks like some kind of combat zone and trying to bring some kind of order to chaos," he said.

For him that means going where trouble is.

"I think that every one of them has the same impact on us as wow!"

He's the Disaster Relief Coordinator with the Medshore Ambulance Service out of Anderson County. And he and a team of EMS crews are watching Hurricane Irene closely.

"Every time we go to any hurricane it always seems like it's worse than the one we saw before," he said.

He's been to several, 14 to be exact and some include Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.

"Galveston was pretty much almost demolished," McCown said as he clicked through pictures of disaster areas on his computer. "You really don't know what your assignment is until you get there."

During their deployments, crews give food, relieve other crews,or turn devastated areas into medical missions.

So, the crew is getting ready and making sure they have what they need.

"They have an hour to get here and an hour to get their units checked off and then we're on the road," he said.

And Don McCown is ready too, still relaxed, but waiting on what could be disaster deployment 15.

Reprinted with permission from FOX Carolina.