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The Triage - Mass Casualty - Decon Product Lab page is a collection of products and information for researching EMS Triage - Mass Casualty - Decon products.

It provides First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics with a variety of resources, including spec sheets, product videos, product reviews, product manuals, manufacturer studies and manufacturer profiles about Triage - Mass Casualty - Decon products.

Featured Products

MCI Walk QuickLitters Kit SMART Triage Pac Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
MCI Walk QuickLitters Kit

The MCI Walk QuickLitters Kit offers trauma treatment and evacuation for multiple patients all in one vehicle kit. Includes 8 non-rigid, disposable QuikLitters & Point-of-Wounding Medical Supplies in a rugged, configurable nylon backpack.

SMART Triage Pac

The SMART Triage Pac™ contains all the tools required for effective on-scene triage. The hands-free design provides responders with easy access to all contents.

Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)

The C-A-T® utilizes a durable windlass system with a free-moving internal band providing circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once adequately tightened, it will help cease bleeding, and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation.

North American Rescue
TSG Associates
North American Rescue
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