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The Reference & Reporting Product Lab page is a collection of products and information for researching EMS Reference & Reporting products.

It provides First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics with a variety of resources, including spec sheets, product videos, product reviews, product manuals, manufacturer studies and manufacturer profiles about Reference & Reporting products.

Featured Products

Operative IQ CAP 5 Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser CAP 12 Door Lockers
Operative IQ

Operative IQ is a web-based inventory management system that is designed specifically for EMS professionals in ambulance services, fire departments and disaster management services.

CAP 5 Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser

The CAP 5 is a customizable inventory management tool that helps address major supply room challenges. It holds and dispenses up to 630 items.

CAP 12 Door Lockers

The CAP 12 Door Locker is an inventory management tool that is ideal for dispensing large, bulky items, or items that need to be checked out and checked back in by EMS personnel.

EMS Technology Solutions, LLC
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