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The Patient Handling Product Lab page is a collection of products and information for researching EMS Patient Handling products.

It provides First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics with a variety of resources, including spec sheets, product videos, product reviews, product manuals, manufacturer studies and manufacturer profiles about Patient Handling products.

Featured Products

Ultra-Vue Backboard EZ-Glide Stair Chair with PowerTraxx Ferno® Powerflexx+ Cot w/ StatTrac, Red
Ultra-Vue Backboard

The Ultra-Vue backboard is designed with a flat patient surface, helping to avoid compromising CPR efforts or aggravating cervical spine injuries (as concave boards may).

EZ-Glide Stair Chair with PowerTraxx

The EZ-Glide with Powertraxx provides maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks.

Ferno® Powerflexx+ Cot w/ StatTrac, Red

The POWERFlexx+ System delivers advanced power management features and in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call without having to lug around extra batteries or take them out to charge.

Iron Duck
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