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July 1, 2011

Ontario paramedics participating in CPR study

By Louie Rosella
The Mississauga News

CANADA — Paramedics and firefighters in Peel are participating in a North American study intended to determine the impact of an alternate method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) compared to standard CPR.

"Previous research has shown that minimizing interruptions in chest compressions may impact survival from cardiac arrest," said Dr. Sheldon Cheskes, Peel Regional Paramedic Services medical director and co-principal investigator of the Toronto site of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC). "This research will compare two methods of CPR in hopes of providing some insight as to the optimal method of CPR."

The study, Continuous Cardiac Compressions, is led by ROC and comes on the heels of another recently published report from the Toronto-based organization that shows survival rates from cardiac arrest decreased when more time passed between chest compressions and defibrillation.

Peel paramedics and Brampton and Mississauga firefighters were trained for the study, which launched in Peel on June 6.

"Peel's paramedics are dedicated to ongoing training and education that deliver better patient outcomes," said Peter Dundas, chief of Peel Regional Paramedic Services. "We're excited to participate in another groundbreaking study with the ROC research group."

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