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Product Profile

Quickdraw Suction Unit

Quickdraw Suction Unit

The SSCOR Quickdraw® is compact and efficient suction unit. At just 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg), it is small and light enough to fit in an airway bag, enabling easy transportation to the patient’s side. There is no need to manually pump the Quickdraw, making it easier to control the catheter tip and clear the airway. The canister is equipped with a short and wide fluid path that allows the Quickdraw to evacuate thick, chunky fluids quickly. The Quickdraw comes with the canister, a DC power cord and a rechargeable 12V battery or a non-rechargeable alkaline battery.


Product Resources

Quickdraw Options
Learn about the many Quickdraw options: 2403 Quickdraw with Alkaline Battery Pack, 2400 Quickdraw with Rechargeable Battery, 2480 Canister with Integral Catheter and 2488 Canister with Hose Barb.
Quickdraw Features
Product overview of the Quickdraw suction unit. Learn about operation, vacuum levels and battery options.
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