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IntelliVue MP2 Monitor

IntelliVue MP2 Monitor

The Philips IntelliVue MP2 is a remarkably light, flexible and durable transport monitor that’s also easy to use. Just a single step allows you to unplug and go. It is designed to withstand harsh environments including rain, shock, vibration, high humidity and temperature. The Intellivue MP2 is FDA-cleared for use in road ambulance, aircraft and helicopter transport.


  • Compact and easily carried (basic monitor weighs just 3.3 lbs)
  • Configurable display of up to three waveforms
  • User replaceable three-hour battery
  • Electronic recording of ECG, SpO2 and NBP
  • Crisp, colorful touch screen with 3.5" display
  • Available 12-Lead ECG; High-Performance Arrhythmia (AHA/MIT); ST Analysis; FAST SpO2 with Perfusion; Optional Invasive Pressure and Continuous Temperature; Optional Capnography

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