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ALS Simulator

ALS Simulator

The Advanced Life Support Simulator is a realistic interactive training manikin for simulating a wide range of advanced lifesaving skills in medical emergencies. It responds to clinical intervention, instructor control and pre-programmed scenarios for effective practice of diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

ALS Simulator Includes adult full-body simulator, interchangeable pupil set, six neck skin collars, one roll of cricothyroid membrane tape, one set of replacement pneumothorax bladders, six chest drain modules, air pump, one set of defibrillation posts, jacket, pants, directions for use, software CD, learning materials and manikin lubricant.



Product Benefits:


    • Instructor-controlled spontaneous breathing with chest rise, variable rate and lung sounds allows for simulation of a wide variety of respiratory complications
    • New improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of the LMA, Combitube® and King LT
    • Difficult airway management simulations can be practiced including obstructed airway, airway blockage and needle and surgical cricothyrotomy
    • 1400+ cardiac rhythm variations with synchronized pulses allow students to interpret and intervene using clinical monitors, defibrillators and external pacers and drug administration
    • Blood pressure arm allows for palpation and auscultation of NIBP synchronized with cardiac rate and rhythms
    • Chest tube insertion can be practiced at the left mid-axillary site and at the 4th and 5th intercostal spaces
    • No cumbersome air tanks, hoses or regulator
    • Effective for teaching advanced life saving, communication and teamwork skills through simulation, targeting the key skills of prehospital care providers
    • Flexible simulator platform with multiple accessory modules accommodates a wide range of training including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma and bleeding control
    • Preprogrammed scenarios provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and realtime instructor control allows adaptation to meet individual students needs
    • Educational support material provides quick orientation to case-based scenario training with the Advanced Life Support Simulator
    • Durable and lifelike; made to withstand years of use

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