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Product Profile

PadPro Multifunction Defib Pads

PadPro Multifunction Defib Pads

PadPro® Adult and Pediatric Multifunction Electrodes for Defibrillation, Pacing, Cardioversion, Monitoring.


  • Constructed to adhere and conform to patient's body, providing superior current distribution
  • Offers a maximum of 50 shocks, 8 hours of continuous pacing or 24 hours of patient monitoring
  • Pre-connect packaging options available
  • 36-month shelf life
  • PadPro® adapters, allowing multiple brands of defibrillators to use the same electrodes

Additional Information:

  • Electrodes with the Anderson connector can be utilized in environments with multiple mbrands of defibrillators (via PadPro adapters or PadPro cables).
  • Zoll models are comparable to Zoll® multifunction electrodes.
  • Medtronic models are comparable to Medtronic Physio Control® QUIK-COMBO electrodes.
  • Philips Barrel-style models are comparable to Philips Codemaster (Barrel-Style) electrodes.
  • Philips Plug-Style models are comparable to Philips Heartstart (Plug-Style) electrodes.