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Product Profile

APEXPro Nitrile Exam Gloves

APEXPro Nitrile Exam Gloves


  • 2-Ply Technology for maximum strength
  • Exceeds puncture resistance of NFPA 1999-2013ed
  • Human skin pH balanced coating for reduced risk of irritation and reduced perspiration
  • Contrasting black interior color gives a visual cue of a used glove for reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • High contrast perma-white exterior for improved visibility with infectious fluids
  • Specially formulated with advanced non-latex nirtrile polymer
  • EaseOff non-stick exterior surface prevents tapes and even Veni-Gard from sticking to the glove
  • AQL of 0.65 exceeds industry standard
  • ExactFit glove formers for reduced hand fatigue and improved dexterity