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Product Profile

O2-MAX Trio

O2-MAX Trio

The O2-MAX™ Trio offers the latest in disposable, pre-hospital CPAP technology. Featuring a disposable CPAP generator that can manage up to 21 different combinations of FiO2 and PEEP, the O2-MAX Trio is adaptable to individual patient needs and can be customized to protocols or standard operating procedures.

  • Fractional inspired oxygen (FiO2) levels of approximately 30, 60 and 90%+
  • Three settings for positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP)
  • O2 CPAP valve maintains positive pressure flow rates from 60 to 140 lpm
  • Fully disposable, single use system


The O2-MAX Trio system comes with the following:

  • BiTrac ED™ full face mask, with choice of head strap or full cap head gear
  • Expandable anti-asphyxia circuit with CPAP valve
  • Variable 30/60/90 FiO2 flow generator with 6” O2 hose
  • DISS connector and adapter (22 mmM x 30 mmM)

Product Resources

O2-MAX Training Video
Watch the O2-MAX training video to learn more about this disposable CPAP product and how it can manage up to 21 different combinations of FiO2 and PEEP.
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Overview of the Pulmodyne O2-MAX Trio System the latest innovation in CPAP.
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