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Medi-Trace Foam Electrodes
Medtronic Respiratory

Medi-Trace Foam Electrodes

All Medi-Trace electrodes have a high quality foam substrate that conforms easily to the skin to ensure electrical contact for consistent tracings. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up and is designed to stay fresh up to 45 days out of the package. The electrodes also incorporate a lift tab for easy removal.

The 450 and 850 monitoring electrodes are suitable for both short and long term applications, including Stress, Holter, and General Monitoring. The 850 Series is radiolucent to minimize the need to remove electrodes during X-ray.

The 130 Series Foam Electrodes are an excellent choice for diagnostic ECG when snap design is preferred. It has a tear drop shape and the small size is ideal for resting ECG applications.

The 200 Foam series Electrodes are non-radiolucent and its' smaller size are convenient for lead placement

The 530 Foam Series Electrodes have a highly aggressive adhesive for diaphoretic use. It is designed for performance in stress and holter applications.