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EZ LIFT Rescue System
EZ LIFT Rescue Systems

EZ LIFT Rescue System

With a breakthrough, patented design, EZ LIFT Rescue Systems reinvents the traditional backboard to make lifting safer and reduce on-the-job back injuries. This unique design uses extendable handles that allow EMS Rescuers to lift from a safe position just below the knees – instead of the dangerous lift position required to pick up a traditional backboard from the ground.

  • Weight rated at up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Retractable handles use polyester (seat belt) webbing rated at 1,700 lbs for each strap or 6,800 lbs per board to extend the point of lift from the ground to 15" (approximate knee height) to encourage proper body position and to ensure that the lift occurs in the safety zone for lifting (at or above the knees.).
  • Weighs less than 22lbs. and is optimized for low profile storage in Fire and EMS vehicles.
  • At 72"x18"x2.75" thick, EZ LIFT Rescue Systems are sized to store in the same space as a standard backboard allowing Fire / EMS to simply replace the problem board with the EZ LIFT back-saving solution. Store two or three of our space conscious boards in 1 ambulance or fire truck compartment to conserve space.
  • 100% X-Ray translucent; compatible with all imaging equipment.
  • Ergonomically designed for improved patient comfort, stability, and un-weighting typical pressure points.
  • Supports many accessory options, including a snap-in head bed, a strapping system for patient immobilization, wheels for patient transport over rough terrain, footrest, SingleTrac Rescue System and accessories, and additional lifting straps.

Special introductory price now through June 30, 2014.

MSRP $899
Introductory offer $599

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EZ LIFT Rescue System Overview
Learn about how the EZ LIFT Rescue System keeps you safe when lifting your patients off the ground or up or down stairs. This innovative lifting system is safer for you and more comfortable for them.
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