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Operative IQ
EMS Technology Solutions, LLC

Operative IQ

When it comes to emergency services, every second counts. Mobilizing teams of firefighters and EMS personnel in the field with back-office management creates a high demand for a well-coordinated effort. And when it comes to inventory management and knowing the details and availability of every asset, there can be no mistakes.

  • Operative IQ ensures that your inventory is tracked, monitored and reported every step of the way.
  • Eliminate costly mistakes and maintain accurate inventory records
  • Reduce overhead by ordering only what you need, when you need it
  • Save time with built in order processing and bar code scanning
  • Audit any transaction to ensure personal accountability throughout your organization


Operative IQ is web-based and completely customizable to your needs, whether you need to manage five trucks or 500. Vehicle inventory check off sheets, fixed asset tracking, purchase order management and even vehicle maintenance inspection can all be a part of a complete inventory solution.


Product Resources

Operative IQ: Asset Management
Don't let your equipment become a liability because you forgot to schedule routine maintenance. Track an unlimited amount of assets using Operative IQ.
Operative IQ: Electronic Check Sheet
Say goodbye to The Paper Nightmare! It's time we go digital with Operative IQ.
Operative IQ: Fleet Maintenance
It's about time that we start responding in real time. Stay ahead of your maintenance schedule with Operative IQ.
Operative IQ: Inventory Management
Isn't it time we had an inventory management solution that provides the visibility required to work our distributed supply chain? Be proactive, not reactive, with Operative IQ's Inventory Management System.
Operative IQ: Narcotics Tracking
Paper controlled substance logs are not only time-consuming, but they are inherently unsecured and obsolete. This video will demonstrate how Operative IQ is pioneering narcotics tracking by using your fingerprint.
Operative IQ: RFID
Learn how Operative IQ utilizes RFID Identification to allow for a thorough vehicle inspection to complete in less than five minutes.
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