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Product Profile

Laerdal Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS

Laerdal Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS

The Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS offers high quality, yet relatively low cost advanced skills training. By combining the functionality of the Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer with the SimPad PLUS System, instructors and trainer have the ability to offer a more comprehensive, high quality, cost effective simulation based training program focusing on advanced skills practice.

The anatomically realistic airway allows training in basic to intermediate airway management. With the SimPad PLUS remote control with QCPR feedback instructors can monitor, assess and debrief students easily and efficiently. The touch screen remote control allows for flexibility in simulation based training to maximize overall learning objectives.

Product Features:

  • Oropharyngeal  and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM)
  • Supraglottic Airway Devices
  • Head tilt, Chin Lift and jaw trust sensors
  • IV arm provides proficiency in venipuncture and IV administration
  • Live defibrillation allows users to incorporate live AED or manual defibrillators during the learning experience
  • 4 connector 3-lead feature allows students to monitor ECG readings during training• Automatically generated carotid pulses are synchronized with ECG and allow realistic pulse check during training
  • SimPad PLUS provides wireless (Wi-Fi) instructor control and intervention during training
  • SimPad PLUS CPR Live View gives detailed information about CPR performance during training and debriefing


Includes Manikin, SimPad PLUS Link Box & Battery (built into manikin), Consumables & User Guide.



  *SimPad PLUS Remote Control not included. Please order part number 204-30101 (3616-24311) and 204-50150 (3616-24515) separately.