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SimPad® is a wireless system that provides realistic and remote access to Laerdal manikins and real-life scenarios. It is designed to increase the functionality of VitalSim manikins.

  • Large, intuitive and interactive handheld touch screen
  • Comprehensive library of physiological patient parameters, including vital signs, ECG recordings, organ and patient sounds
  • Optional wireless patient monitor and software simulates heart rate, SpO2, ECG and temperature parameters
  • Automatic Mode (using existing pre-designed scenarios) or Manual Mode (enabling customized simulations)
  • Log function tracks simulation outcomes for debriefing and assessment
  • Access to SimCenter for validated simulation content, management tools and assessment tools
  • Compatible with both new and existing Laerdal simulators/manikins and non-manikin simulations, such as standardized patients or task trainers

Product Resources

How to Update SimPad and Linkbox
Learn how to update your SimPad and Linkbox to the latest version.
Upgrade to the SimPad System
Upgrade your existing VitalSim manikins and task trainers to the SimPad System and take your simulation program to a whole new level.
SimStore Content for the SimPad System
SimStore provides easy access to validated simulation content for use with the SimPad system
SimPad Manual Mode Operation
When running a scenario in manual mode the instructor controls the simulators vital signs and logs the participants actions.
How to use the SimPad System
The SimPad provides instructors maximum flexibility when facilitating a simulations.
SimPad Automatic Mode Operation
Achieve greater consistency using standardized scenarios using automatic mode.
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