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Recertified Cardiac Science G3 Pro AED with Manual Override KED Pro Extrication Device SMART MCI Bag
Recertified Cardiac Science G3 Pro AED with Manual Override

The semi-automatic operation, manual override option, and 3-lead ECG monitoring capability give you the tools you need to be in complete control. The device is Rescue Ready, meaning it self-tests daily to ensure it works when you need it.

KED Pro Extrication Device

The KED PRO is designed for extrication from confined spaces using rope-rescue techniques. It comes with metal buckles on leg straps and lateral straps for secure restraint.


The SMART MCI Bag™ contains all the equipment necessary to respond rapidly and to provide effective management during a mass casualty event.

Bound Tree Medical
TSG Associates

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Wheeled Litter Carrier Overview

The Litter Carrier is a light, stable device, equipped with two large wheels designed for transporting injured persons on rugged or unsurfaced terrain.

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