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Product Profile

ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device
Resuscitation International

ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device

The ROSC-U™ Miniature Chest Compressor is a compact CPR device that delivers consistent chest compressions. In less than 10 seconds it is secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint which wraps around the patient. The combination of a low profile and special method of patient attachment allows the ROSC-U™ to perform quality CPR in challenging situations during patient transport. 



  • Delivers 360° compressions for more effective chest
    compression and improved perfusion
  • Adjusts to the anatomy of the individual patient



  • Intuitive, easy to use, and no complicated programming
  • 10 seconds or less deployment minimizes CPR interruptions



  • Unique battery allows up to 3 hours use on a full charge
  • Compact size and weight requiring little storage space



  • Frees up personnel to allow focus on other critical functions
  • Allows CPR to be performed longer with greater consistency



Product Resources

ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device Setup and Operation Video
This video demonstrates how to properly setup and use the ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device. You will learn how to properly affix the device to the patient as well as how to use the machine and controls.
ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device Overview
This video gives an overview of the usage and features of the ROSC-U Mechanical CPR Device. You will learn about the technology, components, as well as the appropriate scenarios when to use the device.
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