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O-Two eSeries Vents Freestyle Precsion H Curaplex AED Support Kits
O-Two eSeries Vents

The e700 ventilator ushers in a "new era" in controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport! These electronically controlled, pneumatically powered ventilators provide a range of ventilation solutions for all types of patient requirements and all levels of pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals.

Freestyle Precsion H

This meter features a 2 step testing and tests whole blood: arterial, venous, fingertip capillary and neonates. It has a 0.6µ sample size and a 20 second test time for venous blood.

Curaplex AED Support Kits

AED Support Kit includes supplies for defibrillation stored in a plastic bag or pouch with buckle.

O-Two Medical Technologies

Product Video

Quickdraw Features

Product overview of the Quickdraw suction unit. Learn about operation, vacuum levels and battery options.

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