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S-SCORT III Suction Unit Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS SMART Commander
S-SCORT III Suction Unit

The S-SCORT® III is a powerful and versatile suction tool for clearing an airway. It comes in a lightweight, foam-core package designed for the rigors of the most active EMS service.

Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS

The Resusci Anne® Advanced SkillTrainer with SimPad PLUS offers high quality, yet relatively low cost advanced skills training. By combining the functionality of the Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer with the SimPad PLUS System, instructors and trainer have the ability to offer a more comprehensive, high quality, cost effective simulation based training program focusing on advanced skills practice.

SMART Commander

The SMART Commander™ helps enable command and control at an MCI or triage scene by providing responders with the tools to speed decision making.

TSG Associates

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Equipment Readiness

We never really know what calls we're going to get in EMS - so it's vital to make sure that all of our equipment is ready to go.

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