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Medi-Trace Foam Electrodes Edge System Quik-Combo Electrodes VividTrac Video Laryngoscope
Medi-Trace Foam Electrodes

All Medi-Trace electrodes have a high quality foam substrate that conforms easily to the skin to ensure electrical contact for consistent tracings.

Edge System Quik-Combo Electrodes

Standardization with the Quik-Combo pacing / defib / ECG electrodes promotes continuity of patient care by using one fast, easy electrode system and eliminating electrode changes between phases of patient treatment.

VividTrac Video Laryngoscope

The VividTrac® is a single use video intubation device that provides an unmatched image quality to support proper and speedy placement of the ET tube, leading to high intubation success rates in the first attempt.

Medtronic Respiratory
Vivid Medical, Inc.

Product Video

Monitor and Defibrillator Product Comparison

New products and supplies are continuously being developed to ensure we can do a better job of cardiac monitoring. See an overview of the most common cardiac monitors and defibrillators in the field the Philips MRx, the Physio Control Lifepak 12 and the Zoll M Series. A simulation of a Megacode in synchronized cardioversion to defibrillation to transcutaneous pacing is also reviewed in this video.

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