Emergent Respiratory Products' PORTO2VENT CPAPos Patient Breathing Circuts Include Exhlation Port Filter to Protect Caregivers

ANAHEIM, CA – Emergent Director of Sales Joe Glymph, announced today that the Company is now including an exhalation port filter standard in the Port02Vent CPAPos Patient Breathing Circuit configuration.

The addition of the filter demonstrates Emergent’s dedication, not only to patient care, but also to the protection of caregivers who utilize the Company’s respiratory devices.  Filtering patient exhaled air is a critical precaution that safeguards the health of the caregiver.

Emergent Respiratory Products, Inc. (“Emergent” or the “Company”) develops, manufactures, and markets a patented suite of non-invasive ventilation therapy devices that, through a leap in engineering, not only defines the state of the art, but is also helping to expand the application and demand for these devices.

For more information contact:
Joe Glymph,
Director of Sales
Emergent Respiratory Products

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