Lethal EMS drugs returned to Fla. fire station

By Cynthia Roldan
Palm Beach Post

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Battalion Chief Malcolm Bomford called the combination "a lethal cocktail of drugs."

EMS Capt. Scott Dozer called the drugs "extremely dangerous."

That's why both were extremely happy that a case containing the drugs was returned intact Sunday afternoon to West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Station 1, after it was stolen Saturday evening from the truck of a fire-rescue supervisor.

The theft worried the department because the drugs could have left a user paralyzed, unconscious or unable to breathe, likely resulting in death, had they been ingested or injected.

But the case, which was stolen from a truck parked outside Station 6 off Cumberland Drive just west of Village Boulevard, was returned and placed near a door on the south side of Station 1 at 500 N. Dixie Highway.

The orange Pelican case contained three vials of Ketamine, three syringes of Etomidate and two vials of Norcuron. The drugs' medical uses include anesthesia.

As a precaution, the drugs inside the case were switched with new ones, Dozer said.

As for how the case made its way back, Dozer said it didn't matter; he was just grateful to have it back.

In addition to the drugs, the case contained "extremely important lifesaving equipment" that the medical supervisor uses when necessary, Bomford said.

How the case was stolen remains under investigation, Bomford said. The supervisor may face disciplinary measures after the investigation.

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