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December 2016
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Technology  Inventory Management
Medical supply inventory management systems for EMS
By Robert Avsec

Today’s complex EMS environment requires administrators to constantly juggle issues like tightening budgets, drug shortages, strict governmental regulations and a highly engaged and connected staff — all while operating in a litigious society. Using yesterday’s approach to inventory management and supply and logistics is no longer an acceptable practice [1].

There are several significant aspects to automated inventory control and management for today’s EMS agencies, in both the public and private sectors. Having a reliable, effective and efficient inventory management system can help an organization reduce costs, limit waste, improve employee relations and limit liability. It can also positively impact patient care by having the right supplies and drugs available when needed [1]

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UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers

Learn how this inventory management system allows EMS management to track inventory and dispense products according to access protocol.

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UCapIt Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers

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