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november 2016
Classroom Product Lab EMS News Events {issue 1116}
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Respiratory  CPAP
EMS use of CPAP for respiratory emergencies
By Arthur Hsieh

The use of continuous positive airway pressure, commonly called CPAP, for the emergency management of congestive heart failure is rapidly becoming the new standard of care, replacing the traditional approaches of nitrates, diuretics and invasive airway management. As CPAP becomes more commonplace, more uses for the technology have emerged.

The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen gases occurs within the lung's alveoli. The walls of each alveolus is very thin, in order for the red blood cells to pick up oxygen molecules from each inspiration and for carbon dioxide to be released from the bloodstream during each exhalation.

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By utilizing patient history and vital signs, the CHF vs COPD CEU is designed to assist you in distinguishing between Congestive Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In addition, you will also learn the benefits and limitations of lung sounds in patients with difficulty breathing.



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