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September 2017 issue 0917
MONTHLY FOCUS: Patient Assessment > Sepsis
How to improve sepsis care with better EMS education
By Rom Duckworth
Sepsis education, just like education for trauma, STEMI and stroke can improve EMS provider recognition, assessment, alerts and treatment to improve sepsis patient outcomes [1].
Rather than dwell on explanations of complex physiology, sepsis education should focus sharply on improving EMS providers' capabilities and performance. Your audience may arrive knowing little about sepsis, but should leave energized and motivated to use their existing and new knowledge to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.
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Do you know how to differentiate between uncomplicated infection, SIRS, sepsis and other similar etiologies? This course will list the physical findings in which a patient presents with to determine if they are sepsis; explaining the underlying pathology of sepsis and what body systems are involved when assessing a patient.
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