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BTU e-news: July 2012
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july 2012
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Can Oxygen Hurt?
By Mike McEvoy

"EMS providers began giving oxygen not because it had medically or scientifically demonstrated benefits for patients, but because they could. Yet, inarguably, hypoxia is bad. John Scott Haldane, who formulated much of our understanding of gas physiology, said in 1917, ‘Hypoxia not only stops the motor, it wrecks the engine.’"

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The O2-RESQ Disposable CPAP System

The O2-RESQ is a completely disposable CPAP system. The plastic high-flow generator connects to a high-pressure 50psi oxygen outlet and CPAP pressure is regulated with interchangeable valves.

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Pulmodyne/Oridion CPAP Combo

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