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March 2017
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MCI  Treating the Patient
How to use SALT to triage MCI patients
By Rom Duckworth

When needs outstrip resources it is appropriate to call for help, but rather than to wait for the resources to come to you, EMS providers can use SALT to move patients forward to resources.

SALT, which stands for Sort, Assess, Lifesaving interventions, Treatment and/or transport is the four step process for responders to manage mass casualty incidents proposed by the National Association of EMS Physicians as part of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sponsored project to use the best available science and expert opinion to develop a standard guideline for mass casualty management [2].

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Do you know the standard practices of treating a patient for blast injuries or blunt trauma? This course will overview proper prehospital treatment as well as typical and atypical findings in a patient suffering from a blast injury.



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SAM Chest Seal Overview

An open chest wound, or sucking chest wound, is a life-threatening condition that could lead to tension pneumothorax. The SAM Chest Seal is a self-adherent occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest wounds. The seal is available with or without a one-way valve.

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