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march 2016
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Trauma -> IV Administration
10 intravenous access tips for medics and students
By Kevin Grange

Paramedics decide what medication to give, the dose, and also the best route – oral, intranasal, inhalation, sublingual, transdermal or injection – of administration. Though all routes have their place, intravenous ("within vein") therapy is fast and has 100 percent bioavailability, meaning the drug is unchanged by absorption or metabolism when it reaches systemic circulation.

When you face a difficult IV start, forget the Hail Mary tactic of "poke and pray" and use one or more of these 10 tips to ensure you get the line each and every time.

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Visit the BTU Classroom to sign up for the new Carbon Monoxide Poisoning CEU

This course reviews key clinical features of both carbon monoxide poisoning and illnesses that mimic carbon monoxide poisoning, we well as describes the standard treatment approach to a carbon monoxide exposed patient.

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MicroClave® Neutral Displacement Technology

Learn more about MicroClave® neutral displacement technology, which creates a safe, protective barrier in the IV connector.


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