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November 23, 2009

FDNY EMS members deliver baby in Brooklyn


NEW YORK — A healthy, happy new Brooklynite was welcomed to the world on Nov. 20, thanks to the skill of four FDNY EMS members.

At 6:36 a.m., EMTs Anthony Marullo, Jr., and Lisa Westover had left the scene of a minor accident when they were flagged down by a frantic woman.

"She was out of breath and banging on the window of the ambulance," said EMT Marullo.

Although there was a language barrier, the EMTs understood her to say "baby, mama" as she pointed toward the intersection of Grand Street and Union Avenue.

As they approached the scene, they saw a number of people standing in the street, frantically pointing toward a car, but nobody indicated to the EMTs what was happening, so they said they feared the worst.

Yet when they looked inside, they found a woman in labor, her head on the passenger side and her feet on the driver's seat.

Moments later, Paramedics Justin Young and Sorffly Davius were getting off their shift when they saw the commotion in the street.

"I thought something bad had happened - not something as good as a baby delivery," Paramedic Young said.

He saw the baby’s head was out, so he suctioned the mouth and helped complete the delivery.

They transported the mother and baby girl to Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center.

This was the 18th on-duty delivery for EMT Marullo, the 10th for Paramedic Young and the first for EMT Westover. Paramedic Darius welcomed a baby of his own to the world just days before.

"When you go to work you never know what will happen," said EMT Westover. "This was beautiful."