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January 18, 2016

Paramedic tells story of caring for infant rescued from apartment fire

Vestavia Hills, Ala. — A news video captured the moment when field training officer paramedic Anna Reeves was handed a 4-month-old infant rescued from an apartment fire.

The fatal fire killed two women, Leslie Renee Bobo, 52, and Carol Bester, 62, and eight people, including three children, were rescued from the building reported ABC 3340.

The infant was one of five victims that firefighters were able to reach after breaching a hole in a masonry wall.

"I actually was looking at the fire and I got tapped on the shoulder and just handed a child," Reeves said. "As soon as I was handed that child I was like all right I know what I gotta do. I needed to get to my truck where my resources were and that's when more people started coming to my truck and then I told my partner I need more help."

For Reeves, a mother of two children, this was the first time she was handed an injured infant to care for. "The first thing I think of is 'Oh my gosh, now I have to take care of a kid,' and it breaks your heart when there's children involved," Reeves said.

"Knowing everybody made it out that we took care of, it's a blessing that it wasn't worse than it was."