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February 16, 2017

Texas paramedic recounts aiding Iraqi special ops battling ISIS

By EMS1 Staff

CIBOLO, Texas — After spending two weeks battling ISIS with Iraqi special forces, a Texas paramedic recounted his experience. 

Josh James, a paramedic with Acadian Ambulance Services, volunteered last month with a Slovakian NGO, Academy of Emergency Medicine, that worked with a special forces unit in Mosul, Iraq. James said he treated around 200 patients, many of whom were Iraqi soldiers and civilians. Many patients, including children, suffered injuries from shrapnel, artillery and IEDs, reported KENS5

“We had several armored up Humvees come in,” James told the news station. “They brought in six kids all at once and a dad. The mom and little girl were the sole survivors of that family.”

James said special forces were closing in on expelling ISIS forces out of the city. He said he intends to return soon to aid Iraqi soldiers. 

“Part of the story of the Battle of Mosul is going to be about the Americans that came halfway around the world to save Iraqi lives,” James said. “It made me feel pretty honored to be part of that effort."