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December 13, 2013

Rescuers near icy pond find naked man inside guitar case

MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Okla. — A Muskogee county man is recovering after falling through the ice and spending a bitterly cold night outside.

He was discovered in just his boxer shorts and trying to stay warm inside a guitar case, in a rugged area just North of Porum, in Muskogee County. Southern Muskogee County is still covered in ice. Trees are coated, ponds are covered with a thin solid layer. Despite the conditions, Porum police say 31-year-old Zackery Aders took off walking on a trip that could have killed him.

"If he would have tried to spend another night out there after the night we had last night, he wouldn't have made it," said Porum Police Chief Jimmy Catron. Police say Aders was trying to walk 26 miles from Gore to Checotah in brutally cold conditions to see a woman. But he got lost, fell through the ice on a pond or creek, and spent 24 hours disoriented, wet and cold in the woods.

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