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October 28, 2013

Woman suffers from condition that makes her look pregnant


ENGLAND — A mother-of-four has told of her anguish of constantly having to tell strangers she is not pregnant because of a rare condition which causes her stomach to swell.

Hayley Barley, 24, suffers from Hirschsprung's disease which regularly causes her abdomen to swell to the point where she appears heavily pregnant.  Mrs. Barley revealed she is regularly asked for her due date and offered seats on buses from well-meaning people who have mistaken her serious bowel condition for pregnancy. 

She said: "It's nice that people are kind, but their kindness just makes me feel more self-conscious. I'm normally size eight, and it's devastating to go through such a drastic change."

Full story: I'm NOT pregnant! Mother's anguish at having to tell strangers she suffering from rare condition which makes her stomach swell