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Catherine R. Counts

Catherine R. Counts is a health services researcher with Seattle Medic One in the Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She received both her PhD and MHA from ...

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SAM Chest Seal Batlskin Viper A3 with MSS Helmet POWERFlexx+ Powered Cot
SAM Chest Seal

The SAM® Chest Seal is a self-adherent occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds.

Batlskin Viper A3 with MSS Helmet

The Batlskin Viper A3 Helmet is a cost effective NIJ IIIA level ballistic and head impact protection solution.

POWERFlexx+ Powered Cot

The POWERFlexx+ System delivers advanced power management features and in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call without having to lug around extra batteries or take them out to charge.

SAM Medical
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