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Operative IQ: Electronic Check Sheet
Say goodbye to The Paper Nightmare! It's time we go digital with Operative IQ.
Operative IQ: Fleet Maintenance
It's about time that we start responding in real time. Stay ahead of your maintenance schedule with Operative IQ.
Operative IQ: Inventory Management
Isn't it time we had an inventory management solution that provides the visibility required to work our distributed supply chain? Be proactive, not reactive, with Operative IQ's Inventory Management System.
Operative IQ: Narcotics Tracking
Paper controlled substance logs are not only time-consuming, but they are inherently unsecured and obsolete. This video will demonstrate how Operative IQ is pioneering narcotics tracking by using your fingerprint.
Operative IQ: RFID
Learn how Operative IQ utilizes RFID Identification to allow for a thorough vehicle inspection to complete in less than five minutes.
Patient Assessment
In this segment Chris Cebollero discusses some tips and pearls about this essential EMS skill.
Patient Documentation
There's a saying that goes, "The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done." This is something that applies to EMS, too, especially when it comes to patient documentation.
Patient Handoff
As we get the patient out of the ambulance and into the ER, this is a critical part of the patient care process.
Patient Transport
When transporting a patient we need to think about how we handle ourselves when driving a non-emergency patient to the hospital.
Patient Treatment and Management
Once we've established our working diagnosis it's really important that our treatment and management comes in line to what we're figuring out.
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