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King Vision Fundamental Operation
Fundamental operation and proper techniques for the King Vision video laryngoscope.
King Vision Non-Channeled Difficulty Passing ETT and Correction
King Vision Video Laryngoscope educational video series. Non-Channeled Difficulty Passing ETT and Correction.
King Vision Overview
Product overview of the King Vision video laryngoscope. Learn about the two key components of the King Vision: the disposable blades and reusable display.
King Vision Standard Blade
Demonstration of endotracheal tube delivery using the King Vision standard laryngoscope blade.
King Vision Testimonial
Chase Frost tells his unique story and talks about how the King Vision video laryngoscope helped him finally complete his paramedic training.
Laerdal ShockLink Overview
ShockLink can simulate multiple shockable heart rhythms that can be analyzed by a variety of AEDs and advanced defibrillators in the market. Watch video to learn more.
LifeBox50 Transport Container
The LifeBox50 is designed to store, maintain and transport sensitive fluids at their appropriate temperature for extended periods of time.
LifeBox50 Transport Container Overview
The LifeBox50 is designed for the First Responder to transport anything he needs that is temperature sensitive; without having to worry about a heavy, tethered powered unit.
LMA MAD Nasal™ Overview
LMA MAD Nasal™ offers needle-free intranasal drug delivery. Atomized nasal medications absorb directly into the brain and CSF via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway resulting in rapid drug
LMA Supreme Animation
The LMA Supreme is an advanced airway device that maintains the airway, manages gastric contents and helps improve patient safety.
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