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December 10, 2013

Boy with asthma dies after school confiscates inhaler

CANADA — A mother in Straffordville, southwest of Tillsonburg, is fighting to have students allowed to carry asthma inhalers with them in case of emergency.

But in Waterloo Region, it’s not clear if Sandra Gibbons’ campaign will change anything about how schools handle puffers. Gibbons’ son, 12-year-old Ryan Gibbons, died in 2012 when he suffered a severe asthma attack during recess. He had told his friends he wasn’t feeling well, and was being carried into the office of the school’s principal – where his inhaler was under lock and key.

Sandra Gibbons says the school wouldn’t allow her son to carry his own inhaler, and confiscated several on occasions he tried to do so.

Full story: Some Waterloo Region students allowed to carry asthma puffers