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March 28, 2014

Medic arrested for theft of patient's hydrocodone


SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, Tenn. — A Sequatchie County paramedic entrusted with saving people is charged with stealing from them.

A first responder admits to authorities that he took medication from a victim's home while on the clock. Zachary Jones is now a resident of the Sequatchie County jail. Jones was a paramedic with Sequatchie County EMS, a title that many residents around town say is upheld to the highest standard.

"They should be truthful, moral and do what's right," said Sharon Sevier. But earlier this month, that trust was broken. "Sequatchie EMS contacted one of my detectives and said they had reason to believe one of their employees had possibly stolen some medication on one of the runs they had made to someone's house," said Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock. 

Full story: Sequatchie County EMS Employee Arrested For Allegedly Stealing, Ingesting Hydrocodone