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December 11, 2013

Patient killed after Ga. ambulance crashes

EARLY COUNTY, Ga. — GSP troopers say a Miller County ambulance was traveling northbound on Highway 45 headed to Miller County hospital when the driver tried to pass a fertilizer spreader, which was going north. 

The spreader was making a left and collided with the ambulance.  Officials say the patient that was being transported, 84-year-old Leila Duvall died.  She was being taken to the hospital for flu-like symptoms.  "The ambulance got in the northbound lane to pass the farm equipment as it entered into the northbound lane to pass the tractor, the farmer decided to make a left turn," said GSP Investigator John Vanlandingham.

That's when the two collided, the ambulance traveling off to the east side of the road and overturning while the piece of farm equipment stayed where it was struck.  The paramedics and the farm worker were okay, but Duvall was not. "The patient was fine initially but upon impact and with the overturning of the ambulance was tossed around in the back of the ambulance," said Vanlandingham.

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