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Patient assessment Videos

Medtronic Disposable CO<sub>2</sub> Sampling Lines Overview
Capnography is an early indicator of adverse airway and respiratory issues. It can be used to monitor the severity of a patientís condition and the effectiveness of treatment. With Medtronic Disposable CO2 sampling lines, EMS providers can immediately detect airway obstruction and other ventilation problems. The lines provide continuous feedback on the breathing and ventilatory status of patients in emergency care.
Medtronic Microstream Capnography In-Use Demonstration
In this video, we will demonstrate how capnography monitoring works using Microstream™ technology.
Philips IntelliVue MP2 Patient Monitor
The Philips IntelliVue MP2 is a remarkably light, flexible and durable transport monitor thatís also easy to use.
Responding to Respiratory Distress Scenario
Follow paramedics on a scenario involving a patient suffering from respiratory distress.
The Medtronic Microstream Technology Difference
Exactly how does Microstreamô technology work? This video will explain how these products work together in measuring ventilation adequacy with impressive speed and accuracy.
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