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October 18, 2013

'Twiage' app aims to relay info from ambulance to hospital

By Callum Borchers
Boston Globe

BOSTON, Mass. — Here’s a nightmare scenario: You’re in a bad car accident and are rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Emergency room doctors do everything they can to save you, but by the time they read the EMTs’ notes about your injuries and check your medical records for drug allergies, it’s too late.

What if doctors could know your injuries and medical history before you arrive at the ER?

A Cambridge startup called Twiage is developing a mobile app that delivers vital information about a patient from the ambulance to the emergency room, while on route to the hospital, so that doctors can move more quickly when the patient arrives. The idea, of course, is that saving precious seconds could save lives.

Full story: Twiage (Twitter for triage) aims to save lives by relaying patient info from ambulance to hospital