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December 13, 2016

Doctor’s family awarded $100K in ambulance crash lawsuit

By EMS1 Staff

MADISON, Wis. — A jury awarded the family of a doctor who was killed in an ambulance crash $100,000, but will not award them for pain and suffering the doctor may have experienced. 

Dr. Stanley Phillips III, 32, was killed in a 2013 ambulance crash while transporting a neonatal patient in a hospital ambulance. His parents, Connie and Stanley Phillips Jr., sued the hospital for pain and suffering and loss of financial support.

The hospital’s insurance company has already paid a $1 million settlement in the case; Phillips’ parents were seeking $3 million for pain and suffering and another $3 million for loss of support, reported the Wisconsin State Journal

The Phillips’ attorney, Jeffrey Zirgibel, claimed that Phillips had intended to support his parents financially and help them with retirement. An economist said Phillips would have earned between $12 and $16 million during his parents’ lifetime. 

Three other medical workers in the ambulance were injured in the crash. Ross Fleming, a hospital employee who was driving the ambulance, was fined $213 for failure to keep the vehicle under control.