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Building Patient Rapport
One of the most important things we do with patients is building up a rapport as quickly as possible so we can provide better care.
Equipment Readiness
We never really know what calls we're going to get in EMS - so it's vital to make sure that all of our equipment is ready to go.
Getting Back in Service
Setting up for the next run is just as important as getting there. Always be prepared. This video demonstrates the importance of your time after patient care is complete. Utilize this time wisely so you can do everything from grabbing a quick bite to performing any necessary infection control.
How to Update SimPad and Linkbox
Learn how to update your SimPad and Linkbox to the latest version.
How to use the SimPad System
The SimPad provides instructors maximum flexibility when facilitating a simulations.
Import Data from CPRmeter to QCPR Review Software
Learn how to import data from your CPRmeter SD memory card to your QCPR Review Software.
Laerdal ShockLink Overview
ShockLink can simulate multiple shockable heart rhythms that can be analyzed by a variety of AEDs and advanced defibrillators in the market. Watch video to learn more.
Patient Assessment
In this segment Chris Cebollero discusses some tips and pearls about this essential EMS skill.
Patient Documentation
There's a saying that goes, "The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done." This is something that applies to EMS, too, especially when it comes to patient documentation.
Patient Handoff
As we get the patient out of the ambulance and into the ER, this is a critical part of the patient care process.
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