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January 2, 2014

Boston EMT helps deliver baby in front seat of car


BOSTON — A Boston mother brought her newborn into the world Sunday in an unlikely place, in the front seat of her car.

Lt. Frank Sheeran, a Boston EMT, was sitting at the intersection of and Mass. Avenue and Harrison early Sunday morning when he heard a call that caused him to jump into action. "I heard the officer say, you we need an EMS for a woman in labor, about three seconds later I hear the officer's voice kick up a notch. ‘We got a baby, we got a baby’,” said Lt. Frank Sheeran, Boston EMS.

Sheeran got to the scene just in time. "As I approached Deputy O'Hare turned around with the baby and passed me the baby,” Sheeran said. A baby girl was delivered in the front seat of the car.

Full story: EMS helps deliver baby in front seat of car