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December 27, 2013

Dad loses 40 pounds to become daughter's liver donor

Abc News

CHICAGO — Of all the reasons to lose weight, saving the life of your child is possibly the best motivation ever. It was the reason Bridgeport, Ill., resident Eduardo Camargo said he dropped more than 40 pounds in less than two months.

Camargo's baby girl, Jazlyn, was diagnosed with biliary atresia right after she was born in April of 2012, a condition that occurs when the liver's bile duct is blocked or absent. Without surgery, it can lead to liver failure and death.

Jazlyn had two surgeries to prevent liver failure, but her condition continued to worsen. When she was just 5 months old, doctors at North Western Memorial Hospital in Chicago told the family a liver transplant would be necessary to save their baby's life. "Right away I said it had to be me and not my wife," Camargo said. "I have two other daughters and they need a mother more than they need a father."

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