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November 11, 2013

Man dies after drinking $34K of meth; thought it was health drink

Free Patriot

ENGLAND — Romano Dias, 55, was given what he thought was a health drink by his daughter. After drinking half a glass he fell ill and died.  His daughter, Katee, claims she received it in a package delivered to her address with another person’s name on it. It is uncommon to find crystal meth in England and most people’s knowledge of the drug comes from watching, “Breaking Bad.”

Debra Dulson, the partner of Mr. Dias, said that he opened it and found a cork under the cap.  He drank some and complained about the taste, then said that his throat was burning. His last words were, ‘I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.’

Police tested the bottle and determined that it had contained $34,000 dollars worth of pure methamphetamine. The bottle had been labeled a health drink.  His daughter said that she had received a package with the correct mailing address but with another name on it. She held onto the package for six months before opening it and gave it to her father some time after that.

Full story: Man Dies From Drinking $34k of Crystal Meth Thinking it Was a Health Drink