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November 2, 2013

Photo: Minn. medics kick off 'Movember' with a clean shave

Twin Cities

STILLWATER, Minn. — In 30 years of cutting hair, barber Rory Coon thought he'd seen it all.

But Coon, the owner of LeBeau's Barber Shop in downtown Stillwater, hadn't met Brandon Paletta. Paletta, 28, of New Richmond, Wis., asked Coon for a "monkey tail" — an unusual beard/mustache combination that looks like it sounds. "It starts here," Paletta said to Coon as he pointed to the top of his sideburn. "Then it goes down around my chin, and it stops right here under my nose."

The shave was just a trial run. Paletta is one of about 25 men — many of them paramedics who work for Lakeview Health EMS — who had their beards and mustaches shaved off at LeBeau's on Thursday, Nov. 1, as a kickoff to Movember, a month-long mustache-growing contest and fundraiser to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Full story: Stillwater: Men kick off 'Movember' fundraiser with a clean shave

Photo courtesy Lakeview EMS Facebook