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December 3, 2011

Miami woman's face ignites in 'flash fire' during surgery

The Daily Mail

MIAMI — A hospital patient is recovering today after her face caught on fire during a routine surgery. Kim Grice's face was badly burned in the "flash fire" that sparked during an outpatient procedure to have biopsies performed on cysts on her head in Florida Tuesday. Firefighters rushed to the North Okaloosa Medical Centre’s Surgery ward and the 29-year-old mother of three was flown by helicopter to the University of South Alabama Burns unit.

Hospital officials have not yet revealed what caused the fire on Tuesday morning, although surgical flare-ups are usually caused by heat, often from tools like lasers and are fuelled by alcohol, oxygen and surgical drapes.

Ms Grice's mother, Ann, was said to be furious about the incident. "I signed a release that they could do whatever they needed to do with a routine surgery — I did not sign a release that they could set her face on fire," she told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Full story: Female patient's face ignites in 'flash fire' during a routine procedure to biopsy a cyst