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July 30, 2016

Pittsburgh man looks for off-duty EMT who saved his life

PITTSBURGH — Paul and Marialana Bowser are searching for the mysterious stranger who came to their help the day Paul suffered a stroke outside the  Eat N’ Park restaurant. 

As they made their way inside the restaurant on July 17, Paul stood there clutching the door and could not move.

“That’s when he had said to me, ‘Hon, I’m having a stroke,’” Marialana Bowser told WTAE.

She had just asked a nearby customer to contact 911 when a stranger appeared at her husband’s side.

The stranger introduced himself as “Gary,” and told Marialana that he was an EMT. He was off-duty and happened to be eating at the restaurant when he saw Paul in distress.

The mysterious EMT took Paul’s pulse, and helped him remain seated in a chair while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

The Bowsers told WTAE News that they would like to thank Gary in person for his assistance.

Paul said because of Gary’s quick reaction, he no longer feels numbness in his arm or leg.

“I would like to thank Gary for all his help,” Paul Bowser said. “How he took care of me during this crisis.”

“I feel good, thanks to Gary."